Dec. 4th, 2010 04:35 pm
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My mom has the Taste of Home 2010 Soup magazine, and I just spent about an hour scanning pages of recipes so that I could take them home and try them myself. The reason I am mentioning them here is because I figured some of you might be interested in the scanned pages themselves. I can't upload them at the moment, but if anyone is interested, I'll be posting a downloadable link after I get home on Monday. Mostly what I have scanned are chicken/turkey, cream soups, meatless, and bread/soup mixes.
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Just a fair warning to all of you out there who are in college and are looking at taking out student loans: DON'T TAKE OUT STUDENT LOANS IF YOU HAVE TO. And if you must take them out, NEVER borrow from Sallie Mae for any reason what so ever. Sallie Mae will not work with you, they do not care if you have undue hardships or debilitating conditions in your life, and they don't care if you are unable to bring in enough of an income to even live off of due to an unstable economy. Your best bet is taking out government loans because they WILL work with you if the need arises, and you can sometimes get them to completely write off your loans if you find yourself in a situation where there is no other alternative. You can even go so far as to have your repayment amount per month be based off of your income without having it negatively affect your credit.

Had I known back when I took out this loan with Sallie mae what I know now, I never would have done it. They are one of the most cold hearted companies I have ever had to deal with, and my only saving grace with them will be if I go back to school and can take out government loans to pay off that stupid loan with them.
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Sharing this openly with you folks because I feel those who care would like to know about major issues going on with me (and just putting behind a locked entry doesn't let the majority of you know anything)

Because I was fed up with not being able to get anyone on the phone at the VA (they are a pain the ARSE to deal with, I swear), I borrowed my roommates car and went up there in person to talk to my PCP regarding the X-rays she spoke of. I actually looked at the digital images and you could tell that in my mid-back there is a misalignment (this has been my weakest point in my back over the last 6 months, so I figured there might be a problem there), and apparently there is a lot more going on with my L5 than before. Also, I was supposed to have been sent a letter back in June, but they failed to do that.

The impression they typed up is this:

There is hyperlordotic lumbosacral curvature with evidence of bilateral L5 pars interarticularis defects and minimal anterolisthesis of L5 on S1 vertebral body. There is also evidence of small spina bifida defect within the posterior L5 vertebra arch. There is degenerative disc disease at L5/S1 with mild posterior disc space narrowing. There is likely vertrbral instability during motion at L5/S1 level with possible impingment of the neuroformaina at this level and clinical correlation is required. The rest of the lumbar spine is unremarkable. The SI joint spaces are well preserved.

From what I can discern from all of their medical terminology, is that now only do I have physical issues with my back that show up on X-ray now (they should have caught it long before now), I apparently have degenerative disc disease, a spina bifida, and issues with things being out of alignment. Beyond that I have no clue, and my PCP wasn't helpful because she didn't explain any of the findings on the report, and said she knew nothing about how to read an X-ray.

Does anyone on here know how to actually make sense of all of the crap terms they threw in there? And does anyone know if you can develop a spina bifida as an adult (because I never had anything show up before on my X-rays up until this year)?

So yeah, I don't know how to take the news of what was given/shown. I already have enough problems going on, and now they are being compounded by even further issues. And yes, these results warrant the use of my Caboose -1 icon.
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This is just a heads up that if you suddenly find yourself defriended, don't take it as a case of me not liking you or not enjoying your company on my friends list. I'm just cleaning up journals that either I do not follow on my normal watch list, do not remember why I watched the person in the first place, or we have fallen/drifted apart and there isn't much reason to keep up with said person anymore.

If you happen to find yourself no longer able to see my locked entries and would still like to do so, comment below (not that many people will respond to this, but it's there just in case you do want to be re-added to my list).

Likewise, if you happen to not be on my list and would like to be, comment below to be added :3

The P.M.C.

Nov. 11th, 2010 05:50 pm
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Otherwise known as the Protect Me Cone

RvB humor wut!

LJ glitch?

Oct. 23rd, 2010 07:47 pm
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Anyone else not getting any email alerts from LJ responses? It's been doing it for a few days with me not sure how to fix it :(
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This isn't being locked because I do want input from those who watch me: Any job ideas you think might suit me or think I might be able to handle with my limitations, send them my way in the comments. I figure maybe if someone says something that really sparks my interest, I might actually investigate it further. And hey, do you have a job you love doing? Maybe you could share it with me and tell me more about it?

No limit on the number of jobs btw, just start throwing ideas at me (hopefully real job ideas, not just wishful thinking ones) and lets see if you guys can help me jump-start something!
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Well my family, while they do support the idea of furthering my education, are telling me to do more research into not only Art Therapy (which I am doing), but looking at what other sort of degrees lend themselves well to already having a BA in studio art. So I'm putting this out there to get some feed back or maybe further ideas that I might be able to look at/research more into (I figure I might totally be missing out on a field that I never thought of).

So yeah, school is still in my thoughts, I think maybe suggestions or a little direction might benefit me right now.


Jul. 19th, 2010 02:03 pm
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Edit: Yeah no, no awesome was had ~_~

Being cryptic because I feel I need to be.

I have somewhere I need to be at 6 tonight, not saying where I am going or what I'm doing, but just know it might be awesome (or at least I hope so cause I really could use some awesome in my life right about now)


May. 22nd, 2010 03:27 pm
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Are a bane to my damn existence. I don't know how many of you out there have this problem, but it's been a problem since I was a kid. The top seam in socks bugs the ever living hell out of me, and I used to cut them as a kid, resulting in holes in my socks and making them pretty unwearable (the same goes for tags in clothes, but thankfully you can remove those without much fuss or ruining your clothing). I don't do that now a days, but I have been forced to wear as thick a sock as I can find and wear the damn thing inside out so that I can't feel the seam. And don't get me started on the fact that the seams in socks ARE different, and if I wear them on the wrong feet, I have to either switch them or get a new pair. And being that I can't find any socks that are comfortable enough to wear, my old socks are wearing out and I'm finding myself with less and less options for socks (cause I won't wear enclosed shoes without socks).

Guess I'm writing this because I'm in search of socks that have either no seam what so ever or have no top seam to bug my feet, and I'm sure I'm not the only one out there with this problem. And trust me, I've tried what have been called 'seamless' socks, and they always seem to end up having a seam right across the toes which ends up with me returning them because I won't wear them. So if anyone has found some socks that have no seams and are actually comfortable, give me a heads up cause I'm at my wits end looking for freaking socks D:!
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As of next Monday I'll be starting a new job as a photo retoucher for a local photograph company. This means $1 more an hour (to start), and eventually I could be taking photos and even doing wedding photography if I play my cards right.

Guess I was the best on the retouch test, and this was done on a Mac with a mouse XD. I'll be making use of my aging tablet for this job (8+ year old graphire2 and sill working even after all of the close calls I've had with it) until I can get a newer one.

SO, DT has landed herself an art job. Not exactly in my field that I went to college for, BUT it's still an art job none the less, and it helps that I do enjoy taking pictures from time to time :3.
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All 16 of those monsters overtaking my parents couch. All made by hand with love, filled with pollyfil, and made from soft, cuddly fleece.

Hoping to sell all of them this weekend, I could really use the money.
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Just wishing you all a happy early Candy Day! Cause come, Valentines day isn't about love at all, it's all about the candy (even when you're in a relationship, it's STILL all about the candy XD)!
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I get to have a massage on top of seeing the Chiropractor, AWESOME :D!
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pictures under the cut )

Hey guys, I'm not offering the head up for sale at this moment in time, but I WILL be putting it up for sale in the next few days if I don't hear back from someone who had contacted me about it. I'm also going to be including backspines and extra fabric (which is at least 10 yards worth) with it so that whoever does buy it, can turn it into a really nifty two person costume.

I'm looking at $500 + shipping for everything since that head had a lot of work put into it, its one of a kind, plus there are a lot of extras I'm throwing in on top of the head itself. I'm hoping to sell it and ship it off before the 20th.

So please, if you are interested in it, leave a comment below so that if the other person falls through, I can contact you as soon as I know where things stand.
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First off, I have a massager for sale (I don't use it and it was only tested once to make sure it works, otherwise it's brand new)

Secondly my back is doing better this morning. I slept much better last night than I did all weekend, and my back wasn't in a ton of pain upon waking up. It's still sore however, and I'll be continuing to ice it for today & tomorrow in an attempt to get the inflammation to go away.

I have some sorta good news as far as the IRS goes, they called me yesterday requesting my disability letter from the VA (to which I had to call the VA to get them to fax a copy). Apparently this is all that was holding me up as far as possible employment goes, so I may have a job soon (YAY!!). The only drawback to this is my back needs time to relax and heal, so lets hope I can get back into somewhat decent shape in order to be able to actually work.

This being said, I need to sell all things I listed in my yard sale ASAP. So please, make me offers on anything you might be interested in, I need to get rid of it so that I have the funds to move with.
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My back... It hurts so freaking BAD D:!!!

On and off for the last 3+ years, I've been having hip and back issues in a long string of other problems thanks to my now 10+ years dealing with my debilitating condition that just keeps getting worse over time. By now, all of you know about what is going on with me and what I was told last year is the 'cause' of all of my problems. The VA has done absolutely NOTHING since I was turned away from pain management, being told there was nothing they could do since anything they gave me made me ill (my system is far too sensitive to take anything strong enough that might help), and that I would just have to 'deal' with the pain for the rest of my life with no help.

It still upsets me even now when I think about it, and when I'm in even worse pain like this (which has been even worse quite often in the winter), it puts me in tears not only due to the pain, but due to the fact I'm being left alone to deal with it on my own. I was told pain management was my last chance for any help from the VA, and it failed greatly, resulting in me breaking down and being sent off by a prick of a doctor with no help or hope what so ever. If I had a job, I would end up loosing it due to the fact there are just some days I can't do anything but hobble along in pain; and there is no way to know what I'll be like from day to day, or even hour to hour.

This problem is what cost me my last job, being the fact I could no longer do Wardrobe as much as I wanted to keep working at it, and hated the fact I had to admit that I just couldn't do it anymore. They ended up deciding that because I could no longer do part of my job, that they were going to end up shortening my contract while understanding it wasn't my fault. And I've had to keep reminding myself that as much as I want to be able to do anything and everything I want, I have limitations that just get in the way of my life. I hate this fact, and I hate the fact that I'm not even that OLD (I've been having more and more issues as the last 10 years have progressed) and my body is acting like I've put it through the wringer for 60 years with no regard for my own health or well being.

And by no means do I make excuses or complain a lot when I am in pain. I keep trying to move forward despite my limitations my body puts upon me, just sometimes my limitations are worse than others. Hell, the ladies I worked with at my last job had to finally tell me that I HAD to let them know how I was feeling or what was going on instead of being silent about it.

What my fear is that I get the job with the IRS (or any job period), that I'm just going to keep getting worse until I have more bad days that good ones. I'm going to attempt to seek out help from the VA once again, because I need SOMETHING to give me hope. Living with unrelenting, unexplained pain is one of the WORST things that anyone can have, and being told you have to face it on your own with no help is enough to make anyone break down. Thankfully I found something that deals with my depression, otherwise I might have done something drastic and might not even be here typing this, despite my true feelings regarding things like that.

I need a job badly, but I need help worse with this/these problem(s). If they aren't under control, how can I hope to hold a job with success?

I only pray that the VA actually freaking listens to me, and really does find a way to help. Be it something like acupuncture or even something as crazy as bee venom therapy, I need some sort of relief from this pain that doesn't result in them trying to give me drugs that will make me sicker or could even come as close as killing me.

And I just realized it took me two hours to write this because I kept having to stop due to crying (and also my back isn't letting me sit here for very long).
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