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Well, this is going to be different than the last two years I participated in Artslam:

- Firstly, I am NOT signing up on the LJ community this year, I am going to create a Tumblr/Blog specifically for this. No need to clutter up my account with daily sketches/doodles

- Secondly, I'm going to try and focus on my OC's for this Artslam (but I am free to explore other things as well). Doesn't matter what I do, or how little or how MANY images I end up doing over the course of however long this Artslam is going to last, as long as I'm doing something!

- Thirdly, I am going to try and do something every day. Be it a stupid little doodle with OC interaction, or just something completely RANDOM, I pledge to at least work my artistic muscles in some respect. I may even write, since writing can go hand in hand with working out things.

- Lastly, I am doing this in an attempt to finally kick my rear into gear and actually do some developing with my OCs. A good many of them are just floating around in my headspace, their purpose either long since forgotten, or they just haven't really hit their potential with where their stories are headed. And there are a few OC's up there that I have barely ever even touched on (or shared), all with some need to share their stories.

So yeah, I guess this is a long overdue personal journey I need to take in order to see where things sit & what direction I want to take them. Not to mention looking at 'art' from when I was a kid made me realize I lost my ability to tell stories via pictures somewhere between then and now. I'd like to regain that ability, and hopefully this will let me do that without the restrictions or expectations of making everything 'polished' and 'worth sharing with the world'.

I think I became more self-conscious about my work as I grew up, worrying what others thought about my 'style', and trying to 'fit in' by aiming for levels that totally stiffened my artistic flow instead of letting that flow carry me with the current to places unknown. Let's hope I can find what I lost along life's little journey, and use it to redefine myself as both a person and an Artist

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