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FWA, while I do hurt from it and my body doesn't enjoy that sort of thing, was a total SUCCESS when it came to my Imps (15 went, only 2 came home), my 'Impfo' book (people loved that I had all sorts of information on them), & buttons. Next year, all I am bringing to the con is Imps, Printed Imp books (people expressed they would have bought a book had I had any to sell), buttons, and yarn tails (did better than I had the previous two years when I offered badge commissions at the con). I'm interested to see if people contact me regarding custom Imps, and in the mean time, I'll be building up stock since they do take a while to make.

And would you believe that I was asked for an interview randomly by a group called 'Conman Broadcasting Productions' regarding my Imps? I was freaking surprised and thrilled all at the same time! Once they put up the video, I'll totally link it :3

So yeah, FWA is still never ceased to amaze me, and I will be attending next year for sure!

And as a side note: Anyone know anything about trademark stuff? I tried to do some research on it, and I think I figured out two classes that what I want to do will fit in (Class 28 - Playthings & Class 16 - Paper goods), but other than that, it's dang confusing!

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