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Yeah..... FWA is in less than 2 weeks and I am frantically trying to get it together so I am ready to go BEFORE the con. Making 22 Imps (2 are sold, so I have to make two replacements), almost done with some of the button designs, but I have others I need to make, needing to get everything printed up, wanting to make a sample tail/charm combo to have at the con, and other things I am going about doing to prepare. Also thinking about doing a little bone sculpting/carving on a pair of antlers connected to skullcaps to place in the art show (because I've always found the process to be amazing and I have a love of bones <3)

Also making homemade snacks to take with me. Biggest thing I've gained a love for are homemade Larabars (dates, nuts, and spices all mixed up), and dehydrated cinnamon apple chips (sweet and OHHH so good!).

I can't believe FWA is LESS than 2 weeks away.... OHHHHHHH FREAKOUT! (for the first one to get this reference, I shall draw you an Imp)
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