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Yeah...... my grandmother failed to mention that the baby gate used for the dogs was not in place when myself and my mother came back from visiting Commerce, GA. Well, not wanting to let the dogs off of the deck, I thought I was doing the smart thing by stepping over the gate from the lower steps so no one would escape out into the woods; but instead the gate lurched forward and my left knee gave out at the same time, resulting in me slamming with my FULL WEIGHT onto the wooden deck.

Normally for most this would just suck, for me, it means that I may have done some damage because I already have a ton of knee issues as it is (which in turn caused all of my back issues). Well thankfully I already have therapy at the VA on Tuesday, so I can just see if they can make sure everything is alright and I didn't do any lasting damage.

But never fear, I do have an ice pack strapped to my leg, and I am trying not to bear too much weight on it
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