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Having a internet sale if anyone happens to be in the neighborhood for a couple of items. You pay shipping!

$15 OBO Mousebean, used in conjunction with your mouse to put your wrist at the perfect angle. Can't actually use it because my ball puts me up too high, and my wrists ends up being bent anyway

$45 OBO Badge Punch with Round, Slotted, and Round Corner Punch. These things are freaking HANDY to have, and I'm selling it because I have a smaller, more compact slotted punch that I finally came across

$60 OBO HTC Driod Eries to be used on the Verizon network. Requires a data plan to be used, and the phone is in perfect working order (can activate on your current account as soon as you get it). Selling this because I was sick of paying for a data plan XD. Does not come with a micro SD card. Comes with Screen protector already placed over the screen

$35 OBO Thermal Laminator 9 1/2" wide. Works perfectly, I'm just in the market for a smaller laminator that is more compact and travel-sized. Comes with the feed tray and the instructions. Goes perfectly with the badge punch XD

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